Md. Shahriar Alam

Member of Parliament, 57 Rajshahi-6, Bangladesh


My long term vision for the country is to free it from poverty by working towards building a country where its citizens may live lives of dignity and prosperity with all citizens living in a society free of intolerance; where all Bangladeshis may be assured of social justice, environmental protection, human rights and equal opportunities and democratic institutions and values are instilled into all its people; where Bangladesh will have graduated to a middle income country with poverty reduced significantly, a workforce that is skilled and where development will have reached double digit growths annually.


Work towards earning peoples’ trust and confidence that will ensure Awami League’s predominance in Rajshahi district for the foreseeable future.

Develop the railway network all over Bangladesh so that it may be transformed into a safe and affordable means of transport for the general populace.

Eliminate poverty through employment generation in greater Rajshahi district and greater Bangladesh by establishing heavy industry and social programs that have far-reaching impact.

Work towards reducing spiralling commodity price hike in own constituency and beyond to keep it within purchasing power of people by increasing production of domestic products and tackling syndication and other unethical business practices such as hoarding of goods.

Restore unto the people a just society by re-establishing rule of law. Extortion will be tackled so that people may live their lives in peace while businesses may flourish without hindrance. Corruption will be stopped in its tracks through multi-pronged measures and specific actions will be taken to stop the taking of bribes by public officials.

Will work fervently towards eliminating poverty by adopting strategy for socio-economic development by bringing vibrancy in agriculture and rural life. Social safety nets will be broadened to cover the ultra-poor in society. Employment banks will be set up to encourage young entrepreneurs to set up new businesses whereby they may get easy access to capital.

Shall endeavour to instil greater accountability of government institutions to its electorates by increasing use of Information and Communication Technology.

Driving to take measures whereby the exports of RMG sector can reach US$20 billion by 2014 which will generate millions of jobs for those directly and indirectly involved with the sector.

Md. Shahriar Alam
মোঃ শাহরিয়ার আলম

Md. Shahriar Alam

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