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Bagha Mosque, Rajshahi is a religious monument which has become one of the important tourist attractions in Rajshahi. The Bagha Mosque, Rajshahi is a brick built monument which is located at a distance of 25 miles from the city. Built in 1523, the construction of the mosque was initiated by Nashrat Shah, former Sultan of Bengal.

The Bagha Mosque compound originally spread across an area of 48.77 square meters. Tourists can enter the compound of the mosque via arched gateways which are located at the southern and the northern part of the compound. The gateways comprise of an oblong turret structure which offers a unique style and reflect on the architectural style of the period when it was originally built.

The mosque is basically an oblong structure that measures about 23.16 meters by 12.80 meters. The exterior angles of the Bagha Mosque in Rajshahi are accentuated by the presence of octagonal towers which are divided into various sections by moulded bands. The cornice of the Bagha Mosque reflects on the Bengalis style of architecture that might have been prevalent during the time of its construction. Apart from it the mosque also features five arched openings and three mihrabs which beautify the mosque structure.

The interior of the Bagha Mosque is mainly divided into two main aisles that are longitudinal in nature along with five bays of four stone pillars. The doorway arches of the mosque offers a two-storied appearance from the outside. The mosque suffered immense damage in the 1897 earthquake but mush has been repaired by the Department of Archaeology, Bangladesh.

The most noteworthy aspect of the Bagha Mosque, Rajshahi is its exquisite terracotta ornamentation, much of which has disappeared. The few remaining are mainly in the interior section which has been enriched by the presence of the rectangular panels.

While touring the site of the terracotta mosque, the tourists can also explore the surrounding locations which feature other notable attractions like the shrine of Aulian Hazrat Danishmand and his disciples. Nature lovers frequenting the mosque site can also venture down to the nearby pond which attracts a large number of migratory birds, making it a great bird watching destination.

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